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Foot And Ankle Pain

Summit Physical Therapy AZ

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Foot and Ankle Pain

Our feet and ankles bear a great deal of force in our daily lives with every step and we depend on them to get us where we want to go whether we are walking at a comfortable speed or sprinting full force. 

If you are in need of foot or ankle treatment Summit Physical Therapy AZ can help you get the results you want and get you back on your feet at full speed. We provide a comprehensive evaluation and then design the best treatment plan for your specific needs. Often treatment will be focused on increasing strength and mobility, improving flexibility, reducing pain and resolving swelling. Proprioceptive, balance and gait training are often incorporated. Before discharge we will give you a home exercise program to help keep your foot and ankle healthy, make further improvements and avoid injury in the future.

Some Common Conditions We Treat 

-Post Surgical Fractures, Tendon Repairs, Ligament Repairs etc. 

-Sprains and Strains to Ankle and Foot 

-Fractures to Ankle and Foot 

-Achilles Tendonitis 

-Plantar Fasciitis 


-Tendonitis / Tendonosis 

-Ankle and Foot Pain or Stiffness 

-Gait Dysfunction due to Back, Hip, Knee, Ankle or Foot Problems 

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