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Wrist, Elbow And Hand Pain

Summit Physical Therapy AZ

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Wrist, Elbow and Hand Pain

We continually use our hands for most functional activities and to express ourselves. If we have issues causing pain or stiffness to the elbow, wrist or hand, we may find it disabling and very limiting to all aspects of our life. At Summit Physical Therapy AZ we are passionate about helping you resolve or improve your pain and limitations for your best result and to return to full function. 

Injuries to the elbow, wrist and hand can occur due to overuse when performing repetitive movements, trauma or due to underlying disease. We focus on performing a comprehensive examination and formulation of an individualized treatment plan to achieve your greatest outcome. 

What conditions do Summit Physical Therapy AZ Therapists Treat? 

-Tennis Elbow 

-Golfer's Elbow 

-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 


-Fractures of wrist, elbow and hand 


-Wrist, elbow and hand pain 

-Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 

-Sports injuries to the elbow, wrist and hand 

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